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Each breathwork session is filled with value, from intention setting circles to integration sharing!

Why Breathwork?

Breathwork is one of the most transformational tools out there. The best part about this modality is that all you need is your breath. You can lead clients either in person or online. You can lead 1:1 sessions as well as group session. And, you can also guide yourself with Breathwork!

You will feel more in alignment with yourself and your purpose by diving deeper into this modality. And you will be able to create financial abundance by guiding others through breathwork. This is for you if you are a coach, a healer, or you simply would love to create an additional revenue stream will making a difference in other people’s lives. 


You will become a part of a community of spiritual leaders, just like you in The Breath of Gold Breathwork Certificaiton program. Gain confidence in your ability to heal yourself, and others and become the creator of your dream life.



Transform Others and Yourself in



If you are at a point in your life where you're looking to deepen your spiritual journey and support others on their journey, then the breath of gold breathwork certification program is the perfect fit for you. Learn how to hold space for others so that they can profoundly change their life, and discover their souls path in the breath of gold certification, you will learn how to lead breathwork so that you can support others in your life that you care about as well as potentially create an extra stream of income. Not only that but you'll also learn how to deepen your own spiritual journey and advance through your personal development journey.

Ready to Transform Your Life Through Breathing?

A note from Adrienne

I remember when I experienced my very first breathwork session… I had seen a flyer for a class at the library and decided to attend the class.


I had never in my life experienced so much energy flowing through my chakras and pleasure from anything. I thought, “what is this?!” I continued to come back to more group breathwork sessions and every single session was different.


Some of my first few sessions where completely euphoric, and other sessions allowed me to process grieve in a way that I never had been able to before.


I went all in with Breathwork. It was the catalyst of my spiritual journey. I knew that I needed to share this powerful modality with other people. I started leading others and their lives started to transform massively.


I led a client through it and she said, “this felt like 9 years of therapy in 1 hour!” I led another client and she discovered the root cause of her eating disorder that she had had for 20 years. I led another client who had an entire rebirth and connected to her sister that had past away for the first time.


Since then, I’ve led hundreds of people through breathwork. My clients have been asking me to teach them how to lead others through it and... “when the students are ready, the teacher appears.”


I knew that this was my calling and purpose and here it was birthed.




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