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Empowering You to Safely Guide Others Through Breathwork

What is The Breath of Gold Breathwork Facilitator Program?

Breath of Gold is a breathwork company founded by Adrienne Rivera, a Spiritual Business Coach. She has lead hundreds of people through breathwork and breathwork has been the “secret sauce” for her in her business and for her clients. The main style of breathwork that you will learn is called, “circular connected breath.” You will learn how to take yourself & your clients on a journey of deep discovery, clarity, energetic healing, and expansion into the vibration of abundance.



Deepen your own breathwork practice so that you can heal past wounds and release stagnant energy



Align yourself with the messages and gifts that you are here to share with the world.



Share this healing gift by leading 1:1 deep dive breathwork sessions as well as group sessions, building community.



You get to create your tribe and add breathwork to the ways that you help your clients transform.


Feeling more aligned with your higher self in your life & business...


Having a tool to help yourself and others breakthrough whatever has blocks are present...


Guiding yourself and others through deep healing to heal both current lives, family stories, and bring about generational healing..


Connecting with your spirit guides and angels in a way that you never have before….


Slowing down to connect with the answers to your questions that are already inside of you…


And bringing a life-changing tool to your clients so that you can help them transform their lives.


Activating this tool to provide you clarity and abundance

This is just part of what you will learn from
The Breath of Gold Breathwork Facilitator Program

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Section 1: Personal Attributes and Qualities

  • Module 1: Self-Care
  • Module 2: Compassion
  • Module 3: Being Guided By Your Intuition

Section 3: Breathing Mechanics

  • Module 1: Anatomy and Physiology of Breathwork
  • Module 2: Breath Holds and Conscious Breathing
  • Module 3: Analysis of Breathing

Section 4: Breathwork Sessions

  • Module 1: The Five Elements
  • Module 2: Various Pranayama Techniques
    • Breathwork vs Pranayama
    • Natural Breathing
    • Basic Abdominal Breathing
    • Thoracic Breathing
    • Clavicular Breathing
    • Viloma - Interrupted Breathing
    • AnulomVilom - Alternate Nostril Breathing
    • Sheetali - Cooling Breath
    • Ujjayi - Victorious Breath
    • Bhramari - Humming Bee Breath
    • Bhastrika - Bellows Breath
    • Surya Bhedan - Right Nostril Breathing
    • Kapalbhati - Frontal Brain Cleansing Breath
    • Sama Vritti - Box Breath
    • Bahya - External Breath
    • Chandra Bhedana - Left Nostril Breath
    • Udgeeth - Om Chant
    • Plavini - Floating Breath
    • Moorchha - Swooning/ Fainting Breath
  • Module 3: Types of Modern Breathwork
    • ​Circular Connected Breathwork
    • Holotopic Breathwork
    • Rebirthing Breathwork
    • Wim Hof
    • Three Part Breath
  • Module 4: Common Breathwork Experiences
  • Module 5: Stages of a Breathwork Session
  • Module 6: Music During a Breathwork Session
  • Module 7: Enhancing The In-Person Breathwork Experience
  • Module 8: Integration After Sessions
  • Module 9: Common Breathwork Experiences
  • Module 9: Energetically Staying With Clients Throughout The Session
  • Module 10: Using Touch During Breathwork
  • Module 11: Talking Throughout Sessions
  • Module 12: Challenging Situations in Breathwork
  • Module 13: Creating a Safe and Empowering Class
  • Module 14: Going The Extra Mile As a Facilitator

Section 7: The Business of Breathwork

  • Module 1: Legal Issues and Having Contracts
  • Module 2: Pricing For Your Services
  • Module 3: Acquiring Clients
  • Module 4: Branding and Marketing for Breathwork
  • Module 5: Creating Breathwork Retreats

Section 2: History of Breathwork

  • Module 1: The Theories of Breathwork & It's History
  • Module 2: Benefits of Breathwork
  • Module 3: Breathwork Limitations and Contraindications
  • Module 4: Breathwork Principles

Section 5: Coaching and Communication

  • Module 1: Active Listening
  • Module 2: Body Language
  • Module 3: Being Trauma Informed

Section 6: The Client-Practitioner Relationship

  • Module 1: The Role of The Breathwork Facilitator
  • Module 2: Ethics and Professionalism
  • Module 3: Projection
  • Module 4: Transference and CounterTransference
  • Module 5: Presence and Awareness

Section 8: Attaining Your Breathwork Facilitator Certificate

  • Module 1: Closing and Next Steps
  • Module 2: Taking Your Exam
  • Module 3: Leading a Group and 1:1 Sessions
  • Module 4: How to Get Your Course Certificate

BONUS: Recorded Breathwork Journey's Library

  • 1 - Beginners Breathwork Session (50 mins)
  • 2 - Beginners Breathwork: Transforming Fears (50 mins)
  • 3 - Breathwork for Raising Your Energy (30 mins)
  • 4 - Angel Hands Warrior Breathwork (54 mins)
  • 5 - Connection Breathwork Journey (1 hour)
  • 6 - Cutting Cords Breathwork Journey (55 mins)
  • 7 - Deep Emotional Release Breathwork (1 hour)
  • 8 - Deep Internal Processing of Emotions (1 hour)
  • 9 - Embodying Worthiness Breathwork (1 hour)
  • 10 - Gentle Breathwork - Trust & Abundance (50 mins)
  • 11 - Manifesting Your Intention Breathwork (1 hour)
  • 12 - Receiving Angel Messages Breathwork (55 mins)
  • 13 - Releasing Control Breathwork (55 mins)
  • 14 - Rest and Restore Breathwork (55 mins)
  • 15 - Self-Realization Breathwork (1 hour)
  • 16 - Surrender to Connection Breathwork (1 hour)
  • 17 - Who I Am Starts Now Breathwork (50 mins)
  • 18 - Grounding in Loving Leadership (1 hour & 15 mins)
  • 19 - Intense Transformational Release (1 hour)
  • 20 - Expansion and Freedom Breathwork (50 mins)
  • 21 - Amplifying Connection to Your Body (55 mins)
  • 22 - Connection to Who You Are Breathwork (45 mins)
  • 23 - Infinite Abundance Breathwork (40 mins)
  • 24 - Journey to Freedom Breathwork (55 mins)
  • 25 - Restore to Receive Breathwork (50 mins)
  • 26 - Surrendering to the Wisdom of Your Body (50 mins)
  • 27 - Intend and Create Breathwork (55 mins)
  • 28 - Self-Love Breathwork Journey (60 mins)
  • 30 - Sensual and Creative Flow to Abundance (50 mins)
  • 31 - Rewriting Stories Breathwork (50 mins)

  • 32- Self-Acceptance Breathwork (45 mins)

  • 33 - Unconditional Love Breathwork (50 mins)

  • 34 - Visibility Breakthrough Breathwork (53 mins)

  • 35 - Self-Trust Alchemy Breathwork (50 mins)

  • 36 - Connecting to Your Ancestors Breathwork (40 mins)

  • 37 - Inner Child Breathwork (45 mins)


What makes the Breath of Gold Breathwork Facilitator Program Unique

Students get live weekly breathwork classes on zoom

Every week, you will get to go deeper into your own breathwork practice and connect in a sacred community gathering with other like-minded individuals.


Learn Experientially

We believe that when you can learn the practices in your body, you retain the teachings on a deeper level. While the modules are designed to teach you everything required to be a powerful breathwork facilitator, a large portion of this training is self-growth and personal development work for facilitators in the training.


Stepping into Abundance

Breath of Gold is all about abundance, of love, nature, finances, memories and relationships. Breath of Gold was founded by Adrienne Rivera, Breathwork facilitator + Spiritual Business Coach. She goes deeper into how to market and attract soulmate clients so that you can grow this into a prosperity stream of abundance. She’ll teach you a strategy of how you can simply work with 5-8 clients and recreate the entire investment of this certification.


Empowering others approach

While, many people that are in the Breath of Gold community are very intuitive and may even be energy healers, or psychics, this breathwork training will give you the resources necessary to


A community for expansion

We have a private interactive Facebook group where you can meet others in the program, make livelong friendships, learn from others, and find other practitioners to practice with and collaborate with.

Ready to Transform Yourself and Others?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Prerequistites for The Training?

This training gives you everything that you need in order to become a confident Breathwork Facilitator and to safely lead one-on-one clients, couples, and groups. You must be 18 years old or older and have done inner work of some form before doing this training. It is recommended that you've done circular connected breath before with me although it's not required. There will be lots of opportunities for you to do breathwork and inner work with breathwork in the training.

What If I Have Questions After The Training Is Over?

What Is The Main Breathwork Technique Taught In This Course?

What Is The Refund Policy?